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    Nov 16, 2006
    so my brother has a wireless access point router which had WPA encryption and 2 laptops connected to it for ages.

    Last week i build a new rig for him with a PCI wireless card that came with my ASUS mobo, i wasnt able to connect to the router whatever i tried (long story) so i decided to hardreset the router to factory settings without encryption.Now it was able to find the wireless network and even connect to it ( or at least it says its connected and everything is working ).

    But i cant watch websites or use any apps to connect to the internet, i disabled the onboard lan in bios , also uninstalled its drivers so only the wireless card appears in network settings , also ipconfig in cmd prompt shows it got an IP addy from router 192.168.*.* .

    What could be the issue ? as i have only little troubleshoot expierence with wireless networks.
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    Apr 15, 2003
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    I used to have this problem, I'd just keep reconnecting to the network until I could browse the net. Then I wised up and ditched the wireless all together. Check your signal strength, try disabling/enabling the connection, the usual stuff. In the end it all just comes down to wireless networks being finicky, especially if you're using old 54mbps routers, like me.