Can't get backup games to work on my Goldstar 3DO

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    It appears I got the one 3DO with piracy protection lol
    The system reads music CDs with ease, it has a built in memory manager(I was told the Goldstar doesn't come with one, but this one does apparently) and from what I can tell it has barely been used, all it had were some Wolfenstein saves and that was it.
    The system still has that brand new console smell to it too

    I downloaded some ISOs and tired burning them with imgBurn using Verbatim CDs
    Unfortunatley my burner won't burn at speeds below 16x for CDs, so maybe that's the problem, however I was also told the Goldstar version of the 3DO with actual piracy protection and found a youtube video of how to do a swap trick to get the games to work which involves having an original game AND opening the system up which I can't nor want to do.
    I'd gladly buy some originals but at the moment I can't find any and ordering from ebay is a tad complicated for me for now.

    Any way to bypass this protection?
    Everywhere I read it says the 3DO isn't region or piracy locked, but the Goldstar definitely seems to be from what I was told and saw on youtube.
    Also if the laser was off it wouldn't have been reading any and all music CDs I threw at it with such ease

    edit: Can you guys also recommend the best 3DO Emulator foe Windows since now that I have the system I'd like to experience some of its games.