Can't format my memory stick to FAT.

Discussion in 'PSP - Games & Content' started by Tortimer, Jun 27, 2008.

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    Aug 20, 2007
    So, I recently bought a 2GB and a 4GB Sandisk UltraII. I can format them in my PSP (not a real formatting, just erasing and putting psp-fodlers there) and use them when I use the PSP as a cardreader. However, I can't read or format it in my computers built in card reader. When I try to format it it just says that "card can't be formatted".

    I'm at a wall here. what should I do? (note: I haven't tried to format it through cmd properly since I don't know the appropriate commands. I know you should write "Format F:" where F is the device name but how do I format it to FAT32)

    Edit: Now I've tried "Format F:" and "/FS: FAT32" but with no result at all. It says my memory cards are in RAW format and when i enter "/FS: FAT32" it just says that it's an "incorrect syntax, filename or volumelabel". I've also tried using Swiss Knife (V3) but it just crashes when I click on the drive. Anyone with any ideas?
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    Actually, it's best to format anything up to and including 4 gigs to FAT 16. It makes it faster supposedly. follow this, I got it from some guy names altorn from another forum, and it worked for me:

    How to format specifying filesystem
    1. Go to Start Menu -> Run...
    2. Type 'cmd' without quotes
    3. At command prompt, type:
    'format x: /q /fs:FAT' (without quotes, this is for FAT16 filesystem)
    (change x to your MS drive)

    If asks for a Force Dismount, choose yes.
    If it warns you about compatibility problems on FAT16, just ignore it.
    If it asks for a Volume Label, just type anything or none at all.
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    Apr 20, 2006
    I think it might be your card reader. I formated my 4GB Sandisk UltraII using usb cable to fat 16.
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    Whats this, their is such a thing as "Fake" formatting? What an age we live in...