Can't figure out how to get goomba color on supercard mini sd to save

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    Aug 28, 2015
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    AS title says. What am I missing or doing wrong?

    I've been using FifthE1ement's supercard guide which has helped me figure how to use my cart for the most part. I'm still trying to figure out why neither goomba or pocketnes will keep an in-game battery save when I turn off my gba. I am using the outdated alpha 6 version of goomba(which doesn't support savestates) that is built into my cart. how do you upgrade to and use the updated version?

    UPDATE: I've determined that I needed the 64kb save.sav file that is in the supercard software folder on my sd and I need to finalize my saves through L+R+A+Select or through the quick power cycle method. But neither appears to be working for me.
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