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    Sorry, I'm new to GBATemp, but I created an account here because I cannot find this problem anywhere else on the internet.

    I've installed the Homebrew Channel v1.1.2 on my Wii, but I can't rip Super Mario Galaxy or Mario Kart Wii, regardless if I use either CleanRip or USB Loader GX.

    If I try to dump Mario Kart with CleanRip, using max chunk size and a 29.2 GB USB drive, it works like normal, but when it reaches 97 percent, a message that says "Unrecovered read error" shows up, and the process stops. I have tried several different combinations of chunk sizes as I could, and also a 2GB SD card, as well as a 4GB SD card.

    I've also tried dumping the game using 1GB chunk sizes with my USB drive, but at some random progress, it shows the message "Write Error! Exiting in 10 seconds", and it takes me to a black screen until I remove the USB drive.

    If I try to dump Super Mario Galaxy with Cleanrip and my USB drive, regardless what chunk settings I use, it always throws up the "Write Error! Exiting in 10 seconds" as soon as I start the dump.

    If I try to dump either of these games to the USB drive with USB Loader GX, the progress bar freezes at some random percentage, forcing me to turn off the Wii and turn it back on again.

    This is driving me mentally insane and making me sad. Keep in mind that I have cleaned both discs with a soft cloth, going from center outwards in a straight line. I have also tried this on a Wii U's vWii mode with no luck either. If anybody has an idea, I'd love to hear it.

    Here are a list of Cleanrip settings that I tried for Mario Kart:

    2GB SD card, Chunk size 1gb, No new device per chunk: Result: Displays "Write Error! Exiting in 10 seconds" around 43 percent, and takes me back to the homebrew channel.

    32GB FAT32 USB drive, Chunk size max, No new device per chunk: Result: Displays "Write error! Exiting in 10 seconds" When it hits 43 percent, like above.

    4GB SD Card, Chunk size Max, No new device per chunk, and deleted everything on the card except the apps folder: Result: "Write error!" message comes up at 68 percent.
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    Jun 2, 2020
    I used cfg loader to dump my games and it worked just fine.
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    Maybe the discs are in bad shape? What about other games?
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    Please DO NOT use USB Sticks/Pen Drives/Thumb Drives Flash Drives !!!

    They are failing most of the Times on the WRITE Cycle,please use a HDD.

    Thank you.:)
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    "Unrecovered read error" → Sounds like a damaged disc. Since Nintendo optical discs are filled with padding (garbage data) in addition to the actual data chances are that you can successfully dump a game that fails at 97% with CleanRip to WBFS with some USB loader.
    If the disc is severely damaged and cannot be read: I got better results with an old LG (IDE) drive and Rawdump on Windows XP. This drive was able to dump scratched GameCube discs perfectly while numerous Wii and GameCube consoles gave up.
    Other options depend on you personal attitude. Maybe borrow the game(s) from somebody else and try copying… or download the games illegally (I would not have a bad feeling about this although downloading games you already have is still illegal).

    "Write Error! Exiting in 10 seconds" → What @alexander1970 said. The compatibility on the Wii for flash devices when it comes to writing is pretty low. You will get the best results with a classic, external HDD with it's own power supply (not a 2.5" drive that is solely USB powered).
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