Can't do Find Mii 2 game in Mii Plaza on SystNAND with emuNAND installed

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    So I finally installed emuNAND. I would like to continue using the Mii Plaza of the systemNAND instead of the one on the emuNAND, however, I can no longer play the Find Mii 2 minigame. It keeps saying I have to download the data for Find Mii 2 but when it tries to, there is an error, something about not being able to write to the SD card.

    I can continue to do the Puzzle Swap minigame. I don't really understand this, as per my understanding, my emuNAND and SystNAND have the same unique identifiers and are accessing and writing to the same folders.

    I just want to know how I can get Find Mii 2 to work on SystNAND again. If I use another SD card that doesn't have the emuNAND, will that work?

  2. Robz8

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    Are the nands linked?