Can't connect to WIFI with 3 in 1

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    Hi, I bought the 3in1 GBA expansion and also the Opera tool. I can't get my WIFI to work with my router, my router is a belkin or so, and I have it password protected. Is this the problem? or does it have to do with the 802.11 G and C I keep reading about, or the WEP or WPA ?? I really have no idea how it works, because I know my 3 in 1 is ok since I took my DS to work, and in my work WIFI it connected by itself.

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    According to Nintendo you must use the following settings, as the NDS will not work with any others.

    Channel 1, 6, or 11
    802.11B / B&G modes
    A valid SSID
    SSID set to public broadcast
    Encryption must be WEP (64 or 128bit) with a valid HEX WEP key

    It is also recommended to turn off any "range enhancing" features that your router might have.
    Also Nintendo says to change the SSID from the defult one shipped with your router. This is because the NDS will attempt to negotiate a signal based on the SSID. Two routers with the same SSID in the broadcast area can cause a potential conflict.

    Once all this is set up, open your NDS and pick any WIFI enabled game, goto the WIFI settings and copy in your SSID and WEP key. Save the settings and then attempt to scan for WIFI play to see if the NDS finds your router. I have read that Mario Kart sometimes has a hard time, and I personally used Zelda to set up my WIFI settings.

    One final note, WEP is not a strong encrypting setting. I recommend that you use the MAC address feature of your router to limit wireless access via MAC address. A MAC address is a set of HEX characters unique to each electronic device. Every NDS has its own MAC address, and you can find this in the options of the WIFI settings menu under the 'system information' sub menu.