cant compile any of my 3ds backups for gateway.

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    for the longest i have been trying to make romhacks for 3ds but i never could. every rom i tried to make just shows up in gateway rom menu but when i select it all it does it says is "there is nothing inserted into the game card slot" also if i try to select then open bigbluemenu and it dose say crt card but clicking it results in a sd card removed error

    here's the steps i take.
    • dump my cart to the micro sd on my N3ds using gateway menu.
    • put sd con pc and generate a ncchinfo.bin using 3DS Simple CIA Converter v4.3
    • put the ncchinfo.bin on root of sd card and put sd back on n3ds
    • launch up rxrools and go to decrypt menu and hit generate xorpads, then it says done
    • then i take those xorpads and put them on the computer and open 3ds tom tools GUI and go to Xorpad options
    • i browse for the exefs norm xorpad ans select it, same with exeheader xorpad (rxtools does not output a romfs or exefs xropad)
    • then i go to the rom options and hit the extract options then the unpack options (Showes no errors and completes)
    • then i go to the unpacked folder and replace files and make edits.
    • then i open a app called 3ds builder and browse for the folders it ask for and then choose a save location, and put the serial. (choosing media card 1 or 2 makes no difference)
    • then it makes the .3ds file.
    my guess is its that 3ds builder app? im not sure

    edit: Fixed! this time i selected use pre-built exefs option and it worked! i have my edited smash bros working!
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