Can't believe Nintendo did this! Don't send in a repair with Homebrew installed!

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    This happened to me, xD i had a broken LCD Screen and i repaired myself and then for extra protection i bought a case and a Screen protector thing and it started acting Cazy!! i got scared but then i took it off and tested it again and the Screen is working great!
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    No, that's his original post where he says they offered to service his system out of warranty for free.

    But I'm talking about the letter they sent him back with his system, posted in post#13. In particular the section headed by "IF YOU PAID BY" telling how they will refund the charges for the system they're not going to fix.

    In other words, they send this same letter of refusal to people even if they are paying for out of warranty repairs.
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    My best friend like an idiot sent in his wii (lighting ran in on it) with a backup of guitar hero 3 in the disk drive nintendo dident fix it due to the homebrew channel being on it. if they dident fix it in the first place how would they know?......after he got it back it still dident work

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    well... this is what I think... most of the people who install HombrewChannel are for piracy reasons.... so...
    maybe they made you lost $300.00, but those who stole their work downloading the games, made a lost of billions of dollars for all of them...
    and yeah, maybe it's not your fault... but neither of them...
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    On vacation, just logged into account and saw I was quoted... and wanted to say to this that technically computers are calculators [thought it would be fun to say].

    Nintendo may be able to try that, but it wouldn't work based on precedence (did a small paper on copyright laws for a law class that I had to take in school... figured why not)

    Anyway, Nintendo usually does an excellent job with their warranties in my experience, and stick to what I said before. If the fault is due to a hardware issue that has nothing to do with software, they should need to cover it via warranty. That doesn't mean that they do have to cover it legally because there is fun legalize in their warranty terms and conditions. However, in court one may be able to argue their way out if they had time/money due to not reading the warranty terms because they are not posted on the system itself or something along those lines, I believe. It wouldn't be worth it, but I think you could get away with it.
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    Good luck finding a judge with a Masters in electronics so you can prove to him that the problems are caused by the hardware and not by installing some software.
    I even doubt lot of companies will fix things under warranty if the problem is caused by dropping the equipment.
    Maybe that detail wasn't revealed to Ninty when the arrangments were made?
    Please don't tell me a console is a toy for children so it's controller should survive frequent droppings. In such case, a smartphone should survive such as well.
    The title of this Topic makes all further readings of it a waste of time. It describes the principles:

    Don't send in a repair with Homebrew installed!
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    Prove it was working when sent in, then prove Nintendo was responsible for what "broke" it. The legal arguments get interesting. Did the guy check the SN before he sent it in and compared it when he received one back? Anyone know court costs? It is cheaper to learn to send in only the gamepad next time and buy a new one. It is too bad certain elitists won't share how to get the key to decrypt the nand(s). Being able to restore the nand(s) could fix many issues. Still, this is nonsensical jibberish to said "elitists."
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    The EULA, might be good to know that even the Wii U has one. You violate said EULA, Nintendo is under no obligation to fix said console.
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    Yeah, that scared me also. I traded a 360 rgh slim for a launch Wii U basic. The guy had a screen protector on the gamepad. One time, it did nothing at all. I could see the screen but it responded to NOTHING. In anger, I "touched" it a little hard. Not enough to hurt anything. Tapped it with fingertip. Then it hit me, "Take off screen protector, it is not flush on there with how the guy put it there." BOOM, worked again. I would imagine dropping it would show damage to the actual screen. You would see it.

    One time my daughter pressed a plastic "pen" onto her "Learning pad" somebody bought her. The plastic over the screen shattered. She did not drop it, jump on it, or anything else. A plastic pen, 4 year old pushing on the screen while sitting down. I wrote to the company and they replied angrily stating, "She dropped it and it is not our problem." I then wrote back, "I never said she dropped is what happened...." I received another reply apologizing and stating as a one time courtesy they would send another one. They had me ship the old one (mailed postage and everything for me) and sent a newer model back. I told them I would tell everyone I know and rate them as a horrible company. A little word can spread a long way. They rectified it and I say vtech really came through. Now this crap? You modded it, and you chose to not do your research and sent in the entire unit. Learn from it, but there are no other options.

    Maybe a nice rep would side with you if you say, "I had a gamepad issue, sent it in for repairs, and my unit came back as a brick, it won't work at all." That MAY get you through if you are nice about it. If they have a record and documented it was a modified system then you are SOL.
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    I would like to say that I recently sent a bricked Wii U totatally brand NEW! I wasnt even able to play with it! It bricked when the power went off in the middle of the initial update. Hopefully i sent it and got it replaced. But it was not the same WiI U instead they gave me a used one with scratches etc... Im really pissed off. It was totally new! I even told them over the phone "I want either a new one or the same one" those bastards!
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