Can't acess Homebrew Channel and Wii System Menu with Priiloader Installed-Help!

Discussion in 'Wii - Emulation and Homebrew' started by Davidosky99, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. Davidosky99

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    Jun 7, 2015
    Hi gbatemp!
    I've got a quite huge problem.
    A day ago, I bought a wii from a person in my town, and when I came home and tried it, it turned on, it read the discs, but the output screen(the image on the television) was black. Just black.
    And I know that the system menu was kinda blocked because i could acess the priiloader with reset+power button combo.
    But in the priiloader, i can't boot the homebrew channel, just the system menu, which leads me to the black screen, because i can't sync my wiimote with the wii(it simply doesn't sync, and i tried the red button and sync and the 1+2 button combo).
    also, i tried cboot2, to load dols, seeing if that worked, by booting programs like pimp my wii, wad manager, etc, but i can't even sync my wiimote there.
    I don't have a gamecube controller now and the wii can't acess anything(just load dols, without the controller support and acess priiloader, and i can't do anything there)
    I know that bootmii is installed, but i can't acess it, just load cboot2.
    I'm just gonna ask the community if you know some AUTOMATED(no wiimote needed) tool to reset the wii or remove the priiloader, or even to unlock the system menu(pretty sure that it was the hash_hacks fault), or reinstall the system ios, by doing a system update or thing like that.
    Thanks in advance
  2. ole

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    Apr 12, 2015
    1 . When you are trying to sync your controller be sure to disconnect nunchuck and any motion plus accessory. I had issues syncing with any of them connected.

    2. Buy an gamecube controller, they are practical giving them away on eBay.

    3. Sorry dont know about an automated tool for what you are asking for,
  3. WII_GUY

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    Apr 12, 2015
    There is no automated tool for that, you must buy a GameCube Controller,
    no other way to fix that.

    I know that because my wii was bricked in a similar way: bad wiimenu theme.

    You can get them anywhere.

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