Canon PIXMA MP140 the ZOMBIE!

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  1. Metoroid0

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    Nov 2, 2012
    (i want to revive my zombie sca)
    hey guys,

    i got this Canon PIXMA MP140 multi functional ink-jet printer & Scanner (2 in 1 device) that i want to revive from dead!

    But you see, the thing is i cant use my scanner because cartridges for PRINTING are empty (whatever that has to do with scanning..but OK..OK!)

    Now that's why i'm here now.
    What can i do to make my scanner work with or WITHOUT cartridges, full or empty..INDEPENDENTLY!

    I mean, i don't want to be dependent on cartridges (that are used for printing) so i can use scanner do scan a document.

    Does anyone know if i can do some sort of software or hardware hack to make scanner work?