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    Canadian copyright scholar Howard Knopf squares off against Stevan Mitchell of the Entertainment Software Association on BNN's SqueezePlay. Toward the end of the video, an Infectus chip is shown and discussed.

    source: Wiinewz

    Howard is my hero now even if he does dress like a dufus.
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    I am never quite sure how to respond to these sorts of videos, on the one hand I am kind of happy a somewhat opposing argument was detailed (although it even seemed to go so far as to not let the copyright guy get a look in) and on the other I could safely call myself an informed layperson in such matters and I am tempted to laugh it off as idiots talking about stuff they know little about. In the end what amounts to massive debate can never really be conducted in any sensible manner in such a short timeslot.

    "Specially manufactured chips": pics, CPLDs, FPGAs and the like are known to hundreds of students/electronics enthusiasts/engineers and the like worldwide and for the most part chips are just that with a nicely coloured PCB and maybe a resistor. Also if that guy has a PS3 chip I may be donning my balaclava once again.

    DRM= "digital rights media" I only noted that the mouthpiece who toned down the word (such that it can be) was not the one I expected.

    The Howard Knopf guy was pegged as a lawyer and while my respect for lawyers is only marginally above politicians (hmm maybe there is a link) the guy as you mention stuttered and sat there in a manner rather odd for this sort of situation. Now I got bored one day a year or two back and went and sat in on a law lecture which just so happened to be on public oration and body language, fastforward a month or three and the same situation occurs but this time it was on the press/news and how to use them. I have no doubt he would be a fascinating guy to have a chat with and probably even a great lecturer but he seems to have missed the mark in this sort of debate.
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    Interesting video.

    The guy in the suit that sat upright and made his case as if he cared, seemed to make the slouch in the rumpled suit look and sound bad. Knopf seems to totally not give a damn about body language.
    Doesn't matter that Knopf sounds like he knows what he is talking about. Also doesn't help that Knopf sounds like he couldn't make a sound bite sized remark to save his life. But then I hate sound bite sized conversations.

    But the reality is until the internet is not available, the laws in the US regardless of what they may be, and the laws in Canada, regardless of what they may be, have no real value.

    Right now, this second, I can go online, with no effort, and download whatever I f**king well want.
    When the establishment finally decides to wake up and smell the reality, maybe all these laws will have some point to existing.

    If you have a computer and internet access, you too can pirate.
    And saying "oh I never pirate" is a substanceless comment.
    Might as well say something equally pointless such as "oh I never look at porn".
    No one cares.

    I'd love to enter a world where you either bought it, or you couldn't have it.
    That world doesn't exist though.
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    lol he looks like a noob
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    True the guy looks like the offspring of Al Franken + George Wendt and doesn't present the proper image but how can you not like a guy that uses such vocab as 'toast'? His arguments are good even if he does look quirky. Also isn't Stevan Mitchell in violation of the DMCA by possessing the Infectus chip? [​IMG] (I'm assuming he had it on him when he was in the US.)
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    rogers jus sent me an email about a torrent i d/l'd... sometimes even they forget we from canada.

    technology has changed, embrace it.

    "violation of the DMCA by possessing the Infectus chip"

    this is very unclear.. in comparison we can look at the 3rd printer cartridge industry when lexmak and cannon sued 3rd party printer ink cartridge manufacturers.. lexmark had a chip on their cartridges to try to combat 3rd party ink carts (that were selling at $20 vs 50-60$ for the OEM) .. then once company SSC started to use recycled lexmark carts w/ the chip for their products.. its been back and forth in court for the last 2-3 years..
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    My comment was actually regarding the possession of the contraband item. What I basically meant is that since it is deemed illegal to even possess such a device within the US borders then he, himself, violated the law while in possession of said said inside the US. So the Gestapo should go arrest him! This is one of the reasons why the DMCA is so dangerous...
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    It's my console. I should be able to do whatever I want with it.