Can your IP address be pre-banned on certain websites?

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    ISPs assign you with an IP address when you sign up to them. When you terminate contract, they assign your old IP address to somebody else. IPv4 addresses are in limited supply so they can't give you a new one. When you sign up, you get someone else's old IP address. If someone recently got banned on a certain website then you get their IP address, will you have a day 0 ban?
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    possibly. I know that some websites ban any ip that falls within a certain range, not just an individual who broke the rules.
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    Yes they can. Abusive IP's are commonly banned all over the web. The forum software gbatemp uses can do this. If you purchased a static IP from your web provider ask for a new one or a refund (if it's being banned on a site you need) or use a proxy or VPN to bypass the ban. The Opera web browser includes a free VPN.
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    "ISPs assign you with an IP address when you sign up to them."
    They can, though it is usually a paid extra, if it is available at all. Most ISPs I encounter in the world use dynamic IP addresses and will assign you one from a pool.

    Though as was mentioned there are premade lists that various blacklists and protection software uses that cover everything from IPs used to send spam, launch hacks, generally be infected, be assigned to agencies you don't want to deal with (as silly as the thing was then peerblock was this for the torrent set) or be known endpoints for VPNs and tor. You might find yourself lucky enough to be on such a list if you should acquire a new one. I have also seen ranges blocked before -- many email servers will not accept email sent from servers in domestic IP ranges (and the big four barely accept anything from each other these days).
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