Can you use multi Haxchi channels to default into different elf files?

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  1. oxitran

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    Oct 30, 2012
    This thread seems to suggest that you can have multiple haxchi installs over different DS games, each with their own default launch elf. Is that correct or am I misreading?

    What I'm trying to do is to use a second haxchi channel to boot into HBL2usbloadergx.elf. Since the original ULGX launcher won't install to nand.
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    Yes you can. Keep in mind that if you don't purchase the DS VC game, you will need to already be in CFW to launch it. That means that it's not necessary to purchase the DS game for the secondary Haxchi installs as long as you are willing to to launch a CFW, such as your legitimate Haxchi, prior to launching the secondary Haxchi. You can also map the gamepads buttons to launch different .elf's with your original Haxchi and avoid a second Haxchi installation altogether
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    Oct 30, 2012
    Thank you, I have legit haxchi for channel one. I still can't wrap my head around the process of making the second channel.

    I install the second ds game (different from the original of course).
    Install haxchi over the second ds game.

    Where does the process for distinguishing the individual configs for each haxchi come in? since dont they both share the same folder on the sd card?
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    Well. I'll try to explain, (my english is not good). You should only replace your files on your SD. when run your haxchi installer, it detects 2 DS games, if you choose the new one it's going to result in a new channel vwii. But if you choose the game which has haxchi it will be rewritten be carefull with that.

    how do you know which game select?

    Ans: Haxchi gives you a question about where to install: for example in my case it was:

    big brain academy
    brain age.

    I had the first haxchi into brain age. then for the vwii channels I chose big brain academy you also can map the gamepads buttons to launch different vwii channels in config.txt for example


    if you modify your config.txt like that,you will have:

    wiiflow if you don't press any button
    usbloadergx by pressing X
    nintendont by pressing Y
    cfgusbloader by pressing A

    grettings from Mexico.
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