Can WUP Installer GX2 install Wii VC Games from a USB instead of an SD?

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    I tried putting my Wii VC Game in my SD into the install directory using FileZilla, but for whatever reason the transfers kept failing partway through the process. So I decided to put the Wii VC game in a USB into the install directory and it doesn't show up at all. It only lists the ones in my SD. Does the app even support installing from USB? If it can install to a USB, I don't see why it shouldn't install it from a USB.
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    No it cannot, you install from sd card using Wup Installer GX2 to usb (formatted to Wii U) or internal, those are the only options.

    The reason it cannot is you have a Wii u Formatted hard drive that can't add any programs such as Wup Installer or a Wii formatted hard drive which can't read Wii U programs.

    Do you not have an sd card reader on your computer? The easiest way is just put the sd card in your computer make an install folder and put the games in that folder then put the sd card back into your Wii U and install them with Wup Installer GX2.
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