Can they see?

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    Look at this website:

    Now open up the find option with Ctrl+F, and type "today's accom". This will take you to a piece of information saying that Nintendo will collect your "Today's Accomplishments" if you choose to share non-personal information with them.

    USB Loader displays in Today's Accomplishments. Doesn't this mean Nintendo can see that? And how do I choose NOT to share this information?
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    according to the link it says it will gather the information every time you use the Nintendo channel. Easy solution!!!

    dont use the nintendo channel [​IMG]
  3. pepxl

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    Jun 19, 2009
    not really, its only the SM thats logged so the most they would get is the Homebrew Channel, unless you have a load of homebrew forwarders, channels and maybe write log enabled in your usbloaders

    This is only if you use the Nintendo Channel and the settings can be changed to not share any information with Ninty, with in "Data-Sharing Settings" as stated in the second paragraph