Can someone help me with creating a sysnand backup for 11.3 on a9LH

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    Mar 14, 2011

    I have an O3ds which for a long time I have been using on FW4.5 with a gateway card. Having read around, earlier this month I followed the instructions to install A9LH + Luma, all of which worked out fine. After restoring my 4.5 bin backup I did an update which put me on 11.3 which I understand from the site was fine to do. A9LH is all there in the background and I have homebrew channel + godmode I can boot into. of course at the moment I cant use my gateway card on 11.3

    First question, I understand that I can use the 4.5.bin image which was created early in the A9LH installation process to restore back to 4.5 in the same way I restored it back from 2.1. is that correct?

    Second, if I do that I would like to first take an image of the 11.3 I have at the moment so that when gateway release their update for 11.3 I can resturn to that rather than going to 11.4. How can I do that? I mean how can I create another nand image now before further updating or downgrading?

    Last, I understand that you can selectively upgrade to FW by downloaing the files to the SD card and then using certain software. Where do I download the FW files - for example I would like to be able to install 11.2 E. where do I get those files from?

    Thanks and sorry if these questions are lame - I have looked around but cannot find clear answers
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    1. Boot into GodMode9.
    2. Once it has loaded, press the HOME Menu button.
    3. Select [More...], then [Backup NAND].
    4. Wait until the process is finished. Once it is finished, your backup will be located in [sdmc:\gm9out\].
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    May 1, 2016
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  4. themadsinger

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    Mar 14, 2011
    Thanks for the quick replies. I assume I am correct that I can just restore the original image to go back to 4.5.0, and from there restore the new update to restore to 11.3

    How is the easiest way to make an emunand to use with the GW? I assume I need to make 11.2

    Thanks again
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