ROM Hack Can someone help me mod MHXX? I have no means to translate hexadecimal code.


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Feb 13, 2017
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First off, I'm not a programmer, but I'm not an idiot either.

There's really just a handful of specific edits I'm looking to do for my personal copy of MHXX that I play on Citra. I use the Karameru archive extractor to open the thing up, which helps to a certain point. I can see where a lot of stuff is located, but even though I have a hex editor (HxD specifically) I cannot interpret a bit of what I see on any of the .arc files.

What I'm looking to do for my copy of it:
- change the hunter art charge times of Bow Haste Rain and the equivalent HBG art to (S)
- change the hunter art charge times of Absolute Readiness and Energy Charge of all three levels to (S)
- increase the motion value on Pellet shots
- increase the amount of internal shots for all bowguns to 99, because I'm playing the game solo.
- increase the number of bullets for Crag 1/2/3, Cluster 1/2/3, Dragon S lvl1 allowed in the pouch to 60 shots like the other elemental bullets
- undo the idiotic nerf to the Great Sword motion value from the transition between 4U and Generations (increase it from 110 to 120)

If I knew how to do any of this, I would have done it myself already. But I don't.

And while I know that passing whole .3ds/.cia files of games is prohibited here, does that rule apply to pieces of said files that cannot run on their own?

Basically I'd want to talk to a more experienced modder on here and just ask him/her what files contain what I'm looking for, upload said bits here, and they can tell me what to edit.

I first got into semi-serious hacking of a game using APM's save editor in MH4U, and that was a hexadecimal editor but it translated things so I knew clearly what I was doing. Sure I had to look up what hex translated to what numbers or features but that was straightforward enough. To my knowledge there is no true modding tool that translates hex into readable words for an inexperienced person.
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