Can someone help me get this Saturn emulator working

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    Sorry for making so many topics guys, but I asked on Emuparadise and have yet to get replies almost a week later yet over 100 people viewed the topic, I rarely get answers to my questions on the internet tbh

    I downloaded the latest version of Yabause
    Something that was supposed to be a straightforward and simple set up turned into computer usual and my patience for computers is as thin as it gets lol

    So I decided to check youtube and sure enough this guide shows everything the same way I did it:

    same ISO and all too

    So what happens is, ALL I get with any Bios file are the system settings, not even the main Saturn menu, if I choose to exit the system settings...i go back to the system settings, there's no end to it, I can't even access the main menu, I have two Saturns so I know what it's supposed to do and this definitely ain't it. I'd just play on hardware but I'm not tech savvy and my Japanese Saturn's laser is completely dead while my PAL Saturn is still holding on but I think that might not last long either so if emulation is good I'd rather play games on that.

    Booting a game from an ISO file or a virtual drive results in the same system settings screen and naturally google is of no use

    I also tried another Saturn emulator but that won't work at all, the Window is all bugged and doesn't display the menus and such it's supposed to