Can someone help me figure out the wiikey stuff?

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    Oct 2, 2007
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    I've only bothered with software mods before (the PSP stuff abd DS/GBA/etc), and had my xbox done for me. With the wii, I'm going to need a little help. I looked at the wiikey website, but couldn't find the info I needed, maybe I missed it. From what I understand, there's two kinds of wii chipsets, D2C and something else. How can I tell which kind of wii I have? Is there a website or thread I can go to for detailed information about this kind of thing?
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    Jun 23, 2007
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    open it up and you'll find out. old breeds are dms/d2a/d2b. the new one is the d2c.

    that said, with later d2b's, nintendo cut 3 legs and in later ones removed one of the pads. this will make your job a whole hell of a lot harder. and from the sound of things, if you've had your xbox done by someone else, if you have a d2b with cut legs, you definitely should.

    when did you buy your wii? what's the start of your serial number? lu### would help.

    pre15ish would most likely be easy to mod. 15 to early 20's should be d2b cut. later 20's are most likely d2c and require the d2ckey, which is also strenuous to implement (in my opinion, not nearly as hard as having to rebuild cut legs without shaving the chip).

    hope this serves as some intro information. i know i didn't go too much into specifics. do some searching and reading here and you'll get up to speed real quick on what you need to do.