Can somebody tell me the name of this shooter Arcade Game??

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    okay...if you didn't read the subject...I have been wondering for YEARS what this certain arcade game I played years ago is...

    when I was younger....we went to DisneyQuest, and I played this AWESOME on-rail shooter for Arcade there....but..I don't remember what the game was called...

    it has these traits I can remember...

    1. it had blue aliens that blew up into pieces (like legs and arms and stuff) when you shot them

    2. they made a screaming weird sound when you shot them...

    3. some blue aliens were suicide jumpers and jumped at the screen and hurt you..

    4. there was a stage in a city..where you're "driving" on a highway (on rails of course) and these spiders would follow your car and jump on the screen and hurt you if you didn't shoot them..

    6. the same stage as in #4. there was a boss called "moon Raker" I think...and it was big...and it would shoot down construction beams at your face and hurt you

    I've been looking for this game for years so I can possibly emulate it on a MAME emulator and play it to its awesome entirety...but I don't remember what the name was

    Any thoughts would be appreciated [​IMG]

    EDIT - or maybe an entire list of MAME on-rails ARCADE shooter games would be fine so maybe I could do some hunting myself [​IMG]

    EDIT 2 - Guess no one knows I take it [​IMG]
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    Could be this one:

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    Could it be Beast Busters?