Can somebody advise me of your PS4 linux Fedora 23 and PC's ethernet settings, please

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    Aug 20, 2013
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    Hi everybody, i've completely screwed up my windows 7 and PS4 linux internet connection sharing settings.

    When i first got PS4 linux, plugging in the ethernet cable from PS4 to my PC and sharing my Wi-Fi connection to my Ethernet adapter worked immediately with no other settings needed to be changed on both the PS4 and windows 7 PC (note: none of these settings were set to auto-obtain)

    But then i went fooling around with IP addresses and other things and i didn't take note of what the settings were first and now, no matter what i do, i can't get internet to my PS4! I've been trying for hours and hours to get it reconnected, but it just does not want to.

    I just need someone to advise me of what your PS4's and PC/Macs ethernet settings are so i can emulate them and get the internet working via ethernet on my PS4 again.

    IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and preferred DNS server for both host (PC/Mac) and client (PS4)

    Thanks a lot.
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