Can not find moonshl folder?

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by kiwiboyus, Jan 26, 2008.

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    I've been reading everything I can find about setting up my EZ-Flash V but at this point I'm just confused so I'm asking for help.
    I've had my EZ-Flash V 3 in 1 for about 6 months or so and I actually had it working until I upgraded it to 1.68 which was tyhe first time I have upgraded it.

    I followed the directions and it seems to have worked correctly but I have messed up the files on my microSD card and cannot get anything loaded. Currently on my SD card I have the ez5sys.bin file from the that I upgraded from and the shell folder with what I thought was everything else I needed [​IMG] The message I keep getting is "can not locate moonshl folder", so I guess I am missing moonshell right, except I don't remember loading moonshell on it separately before... Last night I downloaded Moonshell and ran some setup on my PC which copied the moonshell files on to my SD card and that seemed to work but I had all these extra files on there also... and now I'm just all confused. [​IMG]

    I'm normally good at following guides but I can't seem to find one that clearly just says, copy this file, this file and this to your SD card, then copy over your roms and power up.

    What am i missing? I promise I'll write it down and won't be back asking the same thing after the next upgrade [​IMG]
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    same thing to me except I have an R4
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    @kiwiboyus : In order to work properly last kernels are provided with the folder /moonshl and the ez5sys.bin.

    BTW, if you have an ez5 v1 (white sticker) you must flash the file ez5upldr.bin that came with kernel 1.68 before go further in updating.
    Also you might read ezflash wiki

    @DatVietDude : kernels are only for the ez5 slot1 flashcart. This kernel is not compatible with your R4.