1. Kingcong3

    OP Kingcong3 Newbie

    Jun 24, 2008
    United States
    quick question, i have an argon with spi flashed 2.0 argon final for a 2 line D2C dvd chip. i cant seem to solder the PCI legs (if u have any tips please post). so i plan to use the backboard installation instead. the question is can i use these points in the image to replace the 3 PCI leg points??
    some guy told me that i can but i need
    "For 9-wire, you need to convert the points.. The conversion chart is in one of the old wasabus threads. If you are doing the 9-wire install, post back and I'll try to find it" i posted back but still no reply. PLEASE HELP!!

    the blue dots inside the red rectangle is where i would solder.

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