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    I'm planning to buy a ps3 with Guitar Hero 5 this September. I have GH3 for the ps2 plus a ps2 guitar. I don't want to buy a second guitar now but I really want to try out GH 5. I wonder if I actually can use my ps2 guitar or a ps2 controller in general, on a ps3 :mellow: .
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    Nov 8, 2018

    Simple and Short Answer -> >Yes and No.:D

    Some 3rd Party Products like this for Example works for both Systems,but maybe not for all Titles:

    Some Games/Guitars needs an Adapter like this:

    And for your Guitar Hero 5,no,it will not work,because PlayStation 3 uses Bluetooth for the Guitar Controllers.
    The Adapter(s) can work but does not have to......:(

    EDIT: I seemingly reading a little "confused" - I am Sorry.
    You can not use your Guitar Hero 5 / PlayStation 3 Version/Guitar on the PlayStation 2.
    Your PlayStaton 2 Wireless Controllers should work with an USB Adapter with the
    Guitar Hero PlayStation 3 Games.

    That is better now.Sorry again for the Confusion.

    Thank you.:)
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    I love everything related to guitars, although I'm just learning to play. I have an acoustic guitar and I mainly watch lessons on YouTube. In this regard, there is no problem for a beginner, since a lot of information can be found in the public domain for free. There are also many other helpful sources, for example in this blog I can find reviews not only for guitars but also all the necessary accessories. For beginners, this is especially useful, since it's unrealistic to choose suitable things with minimal experience and skills.
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    Like alexander1970 mentioned above, there's a lot of "ifs" involved.

    I worked at EB Games back when the PS3 launched, and one of the most popular accessories we sold for it were various USB adapters to use PS2 memory cards and 'novelty' controllers like the Guitar Hero guitars, or certain steering wheels. They're kind of expensive now, but depending on which PS3 model you have (since they MAY not work with the slim or super slim models, but I'm not an expert) you might want to track down one of those.

    Truth be told, though, with as tough to find as these adapters can be, you might want to just save up for a PS3 guitar and save yourself the headache.
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