Can I trade GBA pokemon to DS games?

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    I have Pokemon LeafGreen and Pokemon Emerald that I play on the MyBoy GBA Android Emulator, is it possible to trade with my HeartGold that I play on a firstgen DS?
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    Jan 24, 2017
    Not unless someone has written code that allows them to speak over a wifi network you'd need my boy or some other emulator to support it and a wpa or open wifi network to connect them both on because ds phat the first generation ds only connects over wpa or open wifi networks. This would be the only solution if you had a legit ds cart of the game. Infact i think the ds's may have just directly connected to each other to make the trade. Otherwise if you have an r4 cart acekard or something similar you could get your save file of it and use that in an emulator to trade with the save of your other two pokemon games im not sure if any emulator does this but look around and you might find something. Your best bet would be to use some pc ds emulators. Also from what ive read it seems that you can only trade from a lower generation to a higher one so from heart gold to leaf green etc.
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    It should be possible.
    DeSmuME allows you to load a slot-2 rom and save to interact with the slot-1 game being played. All you would have to do is load a LeafGreen rom and your save file, and you'd be able to transfer to a HeartGold save that progressed far enough to access Pal Park.
    As none of the Pokemon games aren't officially supported by DeSmuME's developer, I'd suggest you save often to avoid crashes.

    As DeSmuME uses its own .dsv save format, you'd have to import your .sav using the "Import Backup Memory" option, and then export the save once finished using "Export Backup Memory" to ensure it'd still be compatible with your flashcart.

    If you don't use a DS flashcart, and are in fact using the retail cartridge, you'd need a way to dump the save using either a homebrew 3DS or a hardware cartridge dumper, but the steps afterward would be the same.
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    If everybody made their thread titles "Ok so..." we'd never be able to find any answers.
    Please try to be more descriptive.
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    yes, if you have a DS flashcart it's simple to backup the save use a save editor and replace the save on your cartridge.
    you can also trade to a emulated DS game in desmume