Can I restore a wii without losing data?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by przemo_one, Apr 19, 2010.

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    I want to restore my wii back to normal and I'm wondering how I can do it without losing my data, simply deleting my HBC channel won't work because i did some kind of cIOS thing. Is it as simple as just copying all of my save files onto an SD card and using that reformat wii thing? What about mii's, FCs, and wifi data?
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    Explain to me how you plan on "restoring a wii" without losing "data". As soon as you modify data it's clearly not there anymore.

    If you want to 'virginize' your Wii, then follow a guide.
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    First off,

    Most game save data can be copied to your SD card via the Wii system menu. Miis can be copied to your Wiimote in the Mii channel (so you can play at someone else's house using your own Mii).

    System updates generally don't delete this data so if your goal is to "Virginize" your Wii then I believe that the Dop-Mii program now lets you install older IOS versions. So what you do is install an older (like the one just before the most recent one) IOS in every slot, then Run an official update. Doing this will get you about as "Virgin" as you can get at this point...

    Wifi data... you've got to be joking. Just enter the info again! Formatting will loose the channels though, and I'm pretty sure that's even if you copy them to SD. You don't have to pay for them again if you actually did pay... unless you delete your shop account. That part is separate from the standard Wii Format iirc...