can i put Emu NAND on my Hard Drive

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    I think I just found a file that has all of the wads in it and the guy said the whole thing is 16+GB, I have a 2gb card in my Wii and I only have one 64gb card in my 3ds and it is not possible to swap. So can I create an EMUNAND to put it on my hard drive as I have a 1tb connected and I'm never gonna use all of it. before I put my Wii away before I was able to create an EMUNAND that I could access on USBLoaderGX using Cyans guide. I would like to replicate this. I want to go into USBLoaderGX and see all of my games and not use it like a traditional EMUNAND. any help will be apprcaited
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    Mar 11, 2016
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    On PC create an empty folder in your hard drive and label it "nand."

    In Usbloader GX go to settings, custom paths, emunand path, and change the path to USB://nand

    Then in Usbloader GX go to Settings, features, dump emunand, choose a path. Default is SD. If you changed the custom path then dump the nand, if not point it to USB://nand then confirm. You will need to install each wad to your newly created nand. UsbloaderGX can do that as well. Features, install wad, choose the folder the wad is in, choose wad, install. Repeat this step for each wad.

    Alternatively you can use "showmiiwads" program on PC to install wads to emunand.