Can I make backups of my PS3 games using my PC's BluRay Drive?

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    I don't have a hacked (or hackable) PS3, but I do have a number of PS3 games I'd like to preserve for the future.

    When I say I want to make backups, I mean that word literally. I figure that fifteen years from now, my discs may or may not still work, but they'll probably be at least one functional PS3 emulator. If I put my PS3 games into my computer's BluRay drive and make an iso via a standard disc imaging program, will that be a sufficient copy of the disc? Or is there some other sort of weird encryption layer/partition/whatever that won't get backed up?
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    To use a PC Bluray drive to dump ISOs of PS3 games you'd have to be in a hacking group that figured it out. Sadly, they aren't taking applications so there is no way to do so unless you have a PS3 with CFW.