Can I have 2 saves of a game if I have the europe and us version?

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    So, yesterday I put CFW on my 3ds that I share with my brother. He doesn't know, and I want my own save of a game we already own, since we share the 3ds. I am wondering if it is possible to get the US and Europe version of the same game. I got freeshop already, I just don't know if it's worth the effort of installing it on the slow internet that we have our 3ds connected to. I hope someone can find the answer to my problem!
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    Two different title id's, two different save files.
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    if you dont want to use up space for 2 copies of the game (EUR/USA) abd despite it'd be hard to know which is which in the home menu unless you put it in folders, just remember to backup and swap saves w/ 1 region's copy using JKSM when its time for you to play backup your borther's save and restore yours and visa versa when it's his turn.
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