Can I get BIS keys from a completely bricked Switch?

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    This was a virgin Switch. It has my S Rank Splatoon 2 save I spent many hours reaching. It's pretty old but I wanted to get back into the game but I just can't get into the game anymore without all my progress. It can't even get into RCM mode. My current working Switch is also RCM exploit compatible. I just want to extract the save but I have no way of getting into my old console's EMMC. I was able to put the old EMMC in my working Switch and extract the NAND and BOOT0/1. That's it. I've tried a battery swap and that didn't do anything. I tried using getting the BIS key on my new Switch with the old EMMC and it results in an error and only gives me the TSEC. Accessing my EMMC works fine on the newer Switch's EMMC.
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