Can I do an Emunand sytem transfer safely between o3ds and n3dsxl?

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    Jan 5, 2016
    I searched around and all I saw involved Gateway and the tutorial here is from a year ago so...

    I have an o3ds with unlinked sysnand 9.2 and emunand 10.5 with rxtools with my NNID on both nands. I got a n3dsxl yesterday. It has unlinked sysnand 9.0 and emunand 10.5 with reinand and no NNID yet. I have a few cia games on my o3ds and I basically want to do a system transfer so I can have all the saves (especially Animal Crossing), plaza, play coins, etc on the n3dsxl. How can I do this safely? Just use the built in System Transfer while on emunand?

    Also, after the transfer, will the NNID on emunand on the o3ds be deleted or unlinked? Can I delete the NNID from sysnand without losing the emunand or access to it? I want to give the o3ds to someone and they want their own NNID and account.