Can I copy saves from a backup to a retail cartridge?

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    Sorry if this question is in the wrong section, I wasn't exactly sure where to put it lol.

    Anyways I've got a CycloDS and am thinking of buying a 3DS when it's out, since I won't be able to use my CycloDS on the 3DS can I copy the save files from it back to my retail games? Specifically Pokémon White [​IMG]

    Don't wanna share my DS Lite with my sister anymore lol plus if I can do this then we'll be able to trade Pokémon with each other.
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    i wanna know this too since i'm thinking of buying DQIX but i don't wanna start a new game
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    it's possible, but most reliable methods require either a DS-cardreader for the PC or a slot-2 device.
    some games with unusual saves(pokemon B/W/HG/SS, Jam with the Band, and warioware DIY) might not work well though.
    some saves might require conversion, and when an unusual save format is "patched" by a flashcart it won't work either.
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    The foolproof method is a NDSAdapter Plus which can read and write all games including HG/SS/B/W

    For normal carts Rudolph's WiFi Dumper and FTP server on your own computer OR a Slot-2 cart.
    For IR carts (HG/SS) there is only 1 program I know that can dump/restore gamesaves to IR carts. found here. Its quite buggy but gets the job done...kinda...sorta...maybe not. Have yet to try it with a 512kb save to an SS cart but ripping from the cart didn't work well. It cuts out randomly as its not reading the SAV right or something (think it needs to read the save to RAM, then send file to FTP server) giving a lot of errors for "Error wrote 512 got 511" or similar. I managed to dump most of my SS save and get it working on my cart with no glitches though.
    Have dumped and written a 64kb SAV from it but not willing to risk my SoulSilver game on it. When I get my White cart however I am going to try to write a save to it. Hopefully successfully.