Can DS Two run faster/smoother on 3DS?

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by Bonovox40, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Bonovox40

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    So i've been using my DS Two on my DSLite, but just got a 3DS. I haven't done the update to make it work on it, but regardless, should the DStwo be able to run faster on the 3DS? Is it not possible due to the way the card behaves with the onboard CPU?

    I'm overall happy with the emulator support with the DStwo, which is mainly why I bought it. The GBA emulator is spot on with only some minor sound artifacting that occurs. (Metroid zero mission)
    The SNES emulators BAGSFC and CATSFC and both alot better than those other two snes emulators, with accurate sprite layering and such, but there are alot of games that still don't play right, either speed or sound/graphical errors. (Demon's Crest and SoulBlazer...waaaahh! )

    As far as I can tell, other posts seem to confirm that different class SD cards to not really matter. It seems kinda crazy, that some SNES PC emulators that came out YEARS ago, can outperform these current gen emulators. (But if they draw on the massive amount of PC ram, well that makes sense)

    So regardless, with the stronger hardware specs of the 3DS, shouldn't the DStwo be able to run it's emulators better/more accurate?

    Thanks for any help explaining this!
  2. granville

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    The Supercard DSTWO, like all flashcards (and regular DS games), cannot access 3DS mode and can't make any use of the faster CPU speed. Until a flashcard is made that can access 3DS mode and the CPU speed that comes with it, no flashcard should perform any better than it did on DS/DSi. Emulators would then also have to be coded specifically to use the superior 3DS hardware. So you need both a 3DS-mode compatible flashcard and developers to actually code things specifically FOR 3DS mode. None of which are likely to happen any time soon (if ever).
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    nope, the emulators run straight off of the CPU, your input goes into the DSTwo's CPU, and it just sends the video/audio to the DS for playback

    and besides, the DSTwo cannot access the 3DS hardware, it can't even access the DSi's extra RAM
  4. Bonovox40

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    Well shoot. I'm all about retro gaming on the portable side. The PSP is pretty good for that, but I just don't really like it as much as the DS.
    I'm hoping that the x86 DStwo emulator gets optimized somehow. Would be fun to play x-com on the go, but at least Fate of Atlantis talkie works great.

    Maybe once the 3DS gets modded, somebody will port over a great optimized snes emulator. Keep believing I guess. :-P
  5. samjef11

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    Please note that even if a 3ds flashcard is made it will still takes some time before 3ds software is created it takes months/years for the software to be created.
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    Well with the DSi homebrews needed very few modifications (sometimes just a recompilation) to be able to use DSi mode.

    DSi mode is just a higher clocked CPU and more RAM though, 3DS mode is likely different unless somebody figures out how to run the 3DS's processors at normal clock rate even in DS/i mode.
  7. Ammako

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    Dec 22, 2009
    Stuff like Lameboy and nesDS haven't been specifically programmed to run in DSi mode, yet they run better when in DSi mode with SudokuHax/CycloDS iEvo. (Example: Fast-forward is faster in DSi mode than in DS mode.)
  8. nl255

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    Apr 9, 2004
    Recent nesDS builds have been recompiled to work in DSi mode, but Lameboy is several years old and does not support DSi mode. However, the CycloDS iEvo is supposed to have a compatibility layer to make old DS homebrew run in DSi mode. In many cases, it is too buggy and unreliable to be very useful but it is possible that it works with Lameboy.
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    The only difference i can tell, is the screen makes the GBA and SNES look better.