can dreamcast games made after october of 2000 play burnt game

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    i got a dream cast and i hear that a dreamcast made after october of 2000 or has a number 2 on the back cant play burned games mine was made in 2000 of october and i have a number 2 on the back so ya can i play burned games?? pleaser help
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    the game has nothing to do wih date its the system itself if it was made after OCT 2000 the dc cant read back up cds
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    I got lucky when buying another dreamcast.
  4. rayben

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    Just try it and tell us your results.

    Burn the image at the slowest speed with Padus DiscJuggler. The demo is all you need.

    If the file you're burning is a .cdi file, its self booting and you wont need to use the utopia disk.
  5. PeregrinFig

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    If you have a number 2 on the back, you'll need to go find legit retail games. I got lucky and mine's a 1, but I still buy games that are too large to fit on a 700MB CD-R, as in most games I want. [​IMG]
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    If your Dreamcast was made after OCT 2000 you can still boot games on it using Utopia Boot. Just sayin'.

    EDIT: Holy crocker, wrong window! XD Sorry for the bump, that was unintended.
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    damn man a topic made after 2 years old. what's weird about this through is i was looking at it eariler too.
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