can anyone give help and guidance on bigs 2

Discussion in 'PSP - Games & Content' started by madeirabhoy, Jul 14, 2009.

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    Nov 29, 2008
    now first of all baseball aint that common in britain, but i do sorta understand the basics of the sport. been playing with the bigs 2 for a few hours but im confused by a few things...

    pitching... when i start a round, any of the 4 buttons will throw the ball, by the end of it generally the triangle button throws it. Are these 4 different throws? whats the difference? do you only get so many of each or what?

    when pitching theres a big square, and a roundish thing that is always in different places inside the big square, and the analog stick moves i guess my aiming, am i supposed to aim in that cicle or avoid it?

    batting...any tips? the only way i can ever get a home run is by pressing the top two shoulder buttons to activate some special power, else most of my hits are caught by the pitcher or the guy near first base.

    catching....any tips, never caught even a cold...

    seems a good game tho...
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    I love baseball, so I'll be glad to help =)

    Yes, in the bigs, each pitcher gets 4 different pitches. They can be anything from a fastball to a curveball to a slider or anything in between. Different pitches have different speeds and are throw in different patterns. You use this to your advantage and trick the batter.

    The square box is the box where you try to throw it IN to strike out the batter. If you throw out of the box, but the batter swings and misses, it's still a strike. If he does not swing however, it's counted as a ball. If the batter gets 4 balls accumulated, he automatically goes to 1st base, so try to strike out the batter (remember 3 strikes and he's out!).

    For batting, yes the special is an automatic homerun if you hit the ball, (you can also activate it when you are pitching btw) but you can also hit a homerun with any batter with a 4-5 star rank in power easily. Just hold the analog stick up and left if the batter is standing on the right of the box or right if the batter is standing on the left of the box. Time it right and press the button for a power swing and you will get a homerun most of the time. (idk the buttons on the psp, I play bigs on the 360). You can also however, press the contact swing button to hit the ball to outerfield or infield or however you please.

    Catching is a little bit more difficult compared to everything else.... AS SOON as the batter hits one of your pitches, use your reflexes! Try to catch the ball before it touches the ground to get an out (3 outs switches sides) or if it touches the ground, quickly throw it to first base to before the batter gets there for an out as well.

    If you need anything else, try playing the campaign mode as that has a tutorial in the beginning (at least it should, as the 360 version does).
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