1. roflrabbit

    OP roflrabbit Member

    Sep 1, 2017
    When I boot and reach the home menu I get an error which can be avoided by uncommenting this line of code (qtm):

    Device: New 2DS XL
    Firmware: 11.3.0-36U

    An error occurred (ErrDisp)
    Error type: generic
    Process ID: 21
    Process type: qtm
    Process title ID: 0x0004013000004202
    Address: 0x00103f18
    Error code: 0xf96183fe

    I stumbled upon the error after a CTRTransfer, there is a compiled version of Luma out there that fixes the error (I've had success with it) but it's an older version. I would like the latest version compiled with this small fix applied. I have tried to compile it for hours and I am getting a GCC bug and error after error with devkitPro, at this point I don't want those bugs fixed, I just want Luma compiled. Would someone be able to do me the favour?
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