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    Dec 4, 2008
    United States
    Hello all. There is an AR code in Pokemon Platinum that makes it so every Pokemon after the first that is chained (using the Pokeradar) will be shiny.

    The code itself is "Pokeradar Shiny Pokemon". Use this code to find shiny pokemon in grassy areas. Kill the first pokemon, then every pokemon after that will be shiny. It is under Misc codes.

    Can this code be detectable by pAC, or another program that tests the legitimcy of a shiny pokemon? The pokemon is still "chained", so I don't see how the program could pick that out. the other cheat that just makes all the pokemon shiny might be easier to pick up on, but I'm not sure.

    Has anyone tested this? It requires pokesav, so I can't do it myself (on a mac). Let me know, thanks! [​IMG]
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