Can 3DS homebrew launched from SD card be able to read the storage medium in a slot-1 flashcard?

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    Was thinking about this the other day regarding an upgrade I made from a 32GB microSD to a 64GB microSD for my n3DS. I'm going to be getting an R4i Gold 3DS RTS for NDS backups (my DSTWO drains the battery too much) and use that unused 32GB card for that, but that's probably overkill just for NDS games. So the thought cross my mind about if 3DS homebrew was able to read from the storage medium in the Slot-1 flashcard (either 3DS or NDS flashcard) so it wouldn't have to have everything in the SD card slot. Like, for my case, the 64GB microSD in the system's slot would be used for my 3DS digital titles, backups, and homebrew apps, but if this idea was possible, the 32GB microSD in the Slot-1 flashcard could be used for my NDS backups and other data like retro ROMs, music, videos, etc read by 3DS homebrew (which is stored and launched on the other card). I personally would love to see this happen.

    Or, is this already an option, and I just simply haven't looked around?
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    Well actually I think it is possible but there no existing code to support that and it is not easy to do. You would need to load the dldi driver of the card on arm9 in 3ds mode and access the card from there.