Calling others idiots for BRICKS needs to stop

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by funnystory, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. funnystory

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    Sep 20, 2008
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    This behavior is completely repulsive. Everytime someone insults someone for creating a brick the comment gets 10-15 likes,is this behavior needs to come to a stop. Mods ask why I pick up warnings,these are the reasons why. Because I am a 21 year old man and I have to deal with the 3ds section full of arrogant conceited individuals that think they are smart or clever for installing "hacks" on their 3ds.

    Even if bricking is someones fault,why rub it in? Would you rub it in any of the following situations?

    1)Person has lung cancer
    GBAtemp response:Well it is your fault for SMOKING you idiot! AHAHA!
    2)Person falls off their skateboard and they break a leg
    GBAtemp response:It is your fault for being so uncoordinated!AHAHA
    3)Person gets sexually assaulted
    GBAtemp response:Well why were you getting drunk at night are you stupid or something?
    4)Person gets belongings stolen
    Gbatemp response: YOu idiot you should have been watching your stuff!AHAH

    If you wouldn't do any of the following examples,why do you guys like post where someone pours salt in the wound of another member that just bricked their 200$ system,do you guys know how much it hurts to be called an idiot after you ruined your game console? Have you guys ever stopped to realize that people don't like to ask for help because of the IMMATURE and REPREHENSIBLE behavior that goes on when someone asks for help?

    Have a little bit of common decency is all that I ask.
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  5. vayanui8

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    What examples of people making fun of bricks are there? I'll fully admit that I don't frequent the 3DS section often because it tends to be a bit of a clusterfuck, but I haven't noticed any of this behavior. When I went to check the only threads about bricking seemed to have people being friendly and helpful to the people asking questions. With that said, is this thread really going to solve the problem? Its more likely to just get people to act out do to spite. You can always use the report button on posts like that so that the staff is aware of people who frequently pull shit like that as well.
  6. Sicklyboy

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    @funnystory , I personally have said it more than once now, I get it that you're frustrated on how some people react, so please, as I have said numerous times before, report the posts and move on. Don't call them out, don't backseat moderate and try to shame them, you're not going to change someone's mind if they're acting immature. All that happens when people try to publicly right someone else's wrong is make more work for whoever needs to clean it up. I had to clear an entire page worth of posts from that thread (yes, I know which this is referring) because after the one guy called OP an idiot, everyone else who replied just had to echo how rude it was, completely detracting from the point of the thread in the first place.

    Report the post and move on with your lives, everyone.
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  7. FAST6191

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    The lung cancer thing is actually an observed effect in science and medicine -- people doing lung cancer research have a bastard hard time getting funds compared to even colon cancer (anything involving shit or your arse is hard to find researchers, funding or similar). I am told some places also observe something similar for skin cancer -- people just assume too much sun or tanning beds. That is besides the point though.

    Is the person that fell off the skateboard in need of medical attention any more? Was it their fault for being uncoordinated? If so self inflicted injuries are fair game.

    Did that person undertake reasonable security measures? If not then a gentle ribbing is an option.

    I would agree that hacking a 3ds has now been reduced to guide follower level and was probably never a sound basis for a claim of I R master haxxor unless you were gateway, smea and co, sky3ds or I guess mt-card. Though at the same time if you ignored the warnings and/or deviated from the guide or in some cases suffered younger siblings then you can be called a foolish fool what fucked up, however if you are going to say that then you really ought to have at least linked the what points you now get to solder page.

    Anyway here I am replying to a locked thread, to a person we know to be horrifically over sensitive about these things from numerous past occasions.
    Guess I am the bully now.

    Not EOF but song anyway
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