Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Crossbuy/Free Upgrade to Current Gen

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by chavosaur, Oct 9, 2014.

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    Not everybody has made the jump to current gen yet, and Activision seems to understand that perfectly well. They're taking it so well in fact, that they're giving you a free upgrade to the current gen copy (PS4/XBOX ONE) of the title if you choose to download it on PS3/360!​
    Keep in mind, that Sony's Crossplay offer does apply here. If you decide to download the game on PS4, it will be available on ps3, and vice-versa. However, if you Buy the Xbox One version first, you will not have access to it on your 360. It will only go one way, by buying and downloading the game on your 360, and then upgrading to the Xbox One version.​
    This is a fantastic offer to entice people that are still waiting to buy a current gen console to still pick up the game on their ps3/360 and upgrade later, especially with the Holidays being so close. No word yet on if this will be a timed exclusive deal, much like last year's Call of Duty: Ghosts offer.​
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    Neat! Granted, I don't plan on buying this for any last gen consoles, it's definitely nice to see deals like this going on for those still weary of upgrading to next gen.
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    I like what you're doing here, Activision. You did the same thing with Destiny and that just reinforces my urge to buy the game as soon as it's out, not as soon as I upgrade to the PS4. Good going and I hope all of your future cross-generation games will support this. I will gladly give you my money now without worrying whether or not I should wait and which platform I should invest in.
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