Call of Duty 4 vs Call of Duty 5

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    im currently looking to get one of these two games. Which is better? I have call of duty 1 and 2 and all the expansions for pc and i have call fo duty 3 for wii. Which is better for wii COD 4 or COD 5? and is COD 5 similar in story to any other call of duty?
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    Call of Duty: World At War (aka CoD5) is set in WWII so its similar to the first 3 games though not as good as the 1st.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex (aka CoD 4 though released after CoD5) is pretty much the same game but set in modern times so different "story".

    They're about the same sort of games for me, if you prefer WWII theme then get World At War, if you want a more modern Iraq etc theme then go for Modern Warfare.
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    CoD MW Reflex (CoD 4 for the PC) is way better than CoD WaW (CoD 5 for the PC) IMHO.
    Especially online is very well done in Reflex, it's very addictive and works well online.

    Storywise I would pick CoD Reflex too, WaW wasn't really favorite CoD.
    I've played all the CoD's by the way, bought CoD 1 + expansion and CoD 2 too for PC. Amazing games, only one I haven't actively played online is MW 2.
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    I hate 4: MW. I enjoy 5: WaW. I also like 6: MW2. Definitely go for 5 imo.
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    No one plays Call of Duty nowadays for great single player. Just pointing that out.

    In regards to the Wii, CoD4 is better for multiplayer. 10 person multiplayer vs. 8 of CoD5 and in general it's more expansive in that field.

    Wait until Black Ops comes out for the Wii though, it'll probably be a little better in regards to multiplayer.
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    Hi! My other name is 'No one' pleased to meet you.

    I only play COD for the story. I can't stand online FPS games as they're 100% not fun. The way to make it fun is just don't care you're going to get beaten around a lot, or if you're decent but not consistent ok with breaking even(which I do when I bother), or commit much of your free time to the game so you can screw up others fun time constantly fragging the crap out of them -- all the while in any of those 3 ways you play listening or seeing a lot of immature frat boys and little children rant, curse, get homophobic, stalkerazzi bs and the rest. I've done various other game genres online and still do, but FPS has it's own breed of consistent asshole.

    CoD the WW2 titles I get more into as I'm into that stuff with history, and WaW was truly fantastic putting you in a truly fantastic way into the heat of it, but I will say story wise though just because they really were using and modifying stories, that CoD1+addon were by far the best because you got to be part of Easy Company with the American campaign, and also in a the thick of it as a play off 'Enemy At The Gates' the movie in the russian campaign. The 2 modern warfare games are nice and all that with the modernity of it, but if you get by all that they're really kind of less engaging, but they also are more specifically geared to multiplayer as the story is light compared to the WW2 titles.