California Extreme Arcade Convention

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    California Extreme Arcade Convention
    July 9th & 10th 2011

    California Extreme is an annual coin-op arcade convention. This year the convention will feature over 450 coin operated video games and pinball machines. The show takes place July 9th & 10th 2011 at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara California. Expect things like talks, discussions, hands-on time, parts vendors, and tournaments.

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    [​IMG] 2010 Convention Game Listing
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    Well damn! That sounds awesome. Another compelling reason for me to move to the states [​IMG]
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    Why is it america gets some of the best conventions, UK needs to get a move on lol, need a huge line up of outrun machines!!!!!
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    Oh man i love arcade machines/retro stuff

    I can't believe Australia dosn't get any conventions..
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    Even though I am too young to have experienced the "golden age" of arcade gaming (I was born in 85), seeing these old machines still makes me feel nostalgic. From Space Invaders onward, my grandfather was a vendor of video arcade machines, so when he would babysit me, I would just get to play around with a warehouse of dusty vintage arcade/pinball machines.

    There really is nothing quite like the glow of an old tube CRT arcade screen (I remember how my eyes used to burn after a day long arcade gaming binge--- my eyes are probably more than ready for the 3DS lol)...

    Probably the most unique cabinet I remember playing was a game called "Tapper". It was licensed by Budweiser (I don't know which electronics company actually made the machine), and the game control stick actually looked like a beer tapper! There was also a brass bar rail at the bottom of the cabinet (to use as a foot rest when sitting down and playing I suppose).

    Does anyone here remember that one? I guess there was some crappy p.c. "Root Beer Tapper" game made later... (looking at MAME archives) I'm glad I got to play on the alcohol-endorsing original lol.
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    Just thought I'd tell everyone.

    If you didn't already know, the original Galaga arcade machine had a profit-breaking glitch.
    You could control the ship's bullets, and if your fighter got captured, but you got him back to form a double-fighter, you can completely control the ship. However, the machine is still trying to move the ship, meaning it can move slowly or really fast depending on what it's trying to do.
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    i've played both of those. the beer one came out first, or at least i played it first. the root beer one i saw years later and finally had a chance to play when the strong museum in rochester NY opened their arcade exhibit a year ago.

    shaun: what are the chances of a visit to the states? i'm strongly considering going to this convention.

    -another world