1. AriaHiro

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    May 12, 2016
    United States
    Cafinject is a side project of mine that was originally made to make it easier for beta testers to test my mod but since then i've decided to not to hold it hostage. This puppy has options to Fix the wierd mappings gzinject adds to the was by using the -raphnet option (optional) and fixes the debug rom's header (you need to compress it with either zzromtool or Aegh, its not 2011 its possible if you upgrade your toolset). keep in mind im assuming you added the n64 compatibility patches for debug. not many released debug rom hacks actually work because people didnt test them on console and even if they work on a real n64 doesnt mean they will work on a wii. ive tested on mine using a stock ios9 with modifications that run on a real chip 2 n64.
    heres the link https://github.com/AriaHiro64/Cafinject-Gui
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