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    This seems to be one of their more traditional hunting simulation games as opposed to the themed/"story" ones.
    Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 – Xbox 360

    Animal movement gives you clues to what it will do next
    Dynamic weather and natural hazards
    Reflex and Target Shooting galleries
    Challenge animals that can now see, hear and smell you

    Can you outsmart the true-to-life animals that can now see, hear and smell you? Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2012 features the most realistic animals ever seen in the Big Game Hunter series. Every animal’s unique movement and behavior gives you clues to what it will do next. To bag your trophy, you must avoid detection through cunning skills and deception. Climb to the top of a cliff for a better angle, but risk being spotted. Take the lower-elevation route with lots of concealment, but compromise target visibility – your success depends entirely on you. Dynamic weather and natural hazards put your survival skills to the ultimate test and make your hunt even more challenging. Shooting scenarios duplicate the controlled breathing, steady nerves and patience required for a well-placed shot. Utilize master hunting skills like advanced stalking techniques to close in on your targets and increase your success. When the hunt is over, head to the all-new Reflex and Target Shooting galleries, where you and up to three other friends can test your reflexes and accuracy

    Video Not so much gameplay but gets the job done.