Byte Muncher

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    Dec 24, 2006
    I made this tool a while back to compare to files of the same size byte by byte. (really just an exercise to help transition from vb6 to Vb 2005) I'm sure it has loads of possible uses other than my original intention so i'm posting it for anyone who might find it handy. Could probably be useful for comparing raw .sav files to work out how they can be edited. I don't intend to update it but let me know if you find bugs.

    The installer is basic vb one which i hope will install the runtimes for you if you don't have them, uninstall is via control panel.

    I have no clue about licensing but it's free for non commercial use.

    Byte Muncher:



    Known Bugs:
    Files with a very large number of byte alterations can cause the program to jam due to a character overflow in the output window.