Buying used Wii. What should I know before?

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    Aug 21, 2010
    Hi. I hope I'm posting in the right section, wasn't exactly sure which one fits my topic the best.

    Soon I'll be buying used Wii and was wondering if there are some important things I should know in advance.

    What are the most common Wii hardware failures that seller might try and hide from me? Is it a good idea to buy Wii that was already softmodded? I would like to get Wii that plays burned discs and has unpatched boot2, should I look for very old Wii's?

    Playing GC games is very important to me and as I understand it's only possible from a dvd drive? Region Free gaming is also very important, so modchip isn't an option any more because of changes in system update 4.2+?

    Well I'm not sure what else to ask as I'm kinda Wii noob, but please just put any advice you can think of that might be helpful for this soon to be Wii owner. Thanks.
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    Make sure Wii's GPU isn't fried. Check with your seller and ask them to prove that Wii is showing graphic correctly. Some defective Wiis can fried its GPU by leaving WiiConnect24 on.

    It is okay to buy softmodded Wii. Be careful of region changed Wii (famous one being Korean to US). (Good idea would be to not buy Wii if its serial key starts with LK)

    Asked for a Wii serial key. Then go to and type in the key. If it say that Wii has D3-2 drive then don't buy it. It can't play burned disc backup. Periods.

    Avoid buying a Black Wii, those come with D3-2 drive.

    If you want to install bootmii then buy Wii that are manufacture before 2008.

    Modchips are good, they can do region free. Recommend DriveKey if you have the money.
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    Aug 21, 2010
    That was a very useful post. Thank you very much, trumpet-205.