Buying used PSP Go, thinking of replacing the housing case

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    Sep 6, 2013
    I’m really sorry if this is a totally noob question but I have zero experience wish PSP. Nowadays it’s really easy to buy used PSP Go for a funny sum of money ($60) but the console will be an extensively used one.
    Did anyone had an experience of replacing the housing case? I mean there are manuals on the net, I’m only interested in the replacement case you bought. The ones available on the internet seem to be cheap chinese ones, but should I really care? E.g. they don’t have PSP mark on the back panel. I’m also concerned of the quality of the buttons (stick too). Example:
    So, if anyone bought a replacement housing and it was good, could you recommend me a particular one?

    I’m also curious if there are any good replacement batteries?

    A recommendation for a grip would be extremely useful too, I think this one will be good:

    Also, if it’s a used one, should I be good by just formating it? I mean will I be able to create my own PSN Id and all?
    Last question, if it’s already on 6.35 PRO something firmware, could I update it to 6.60 PRO C2 without trouble?
    OK, bought one, managed to update CFW.

    Thank you, sorry for these questions that are probably answered 1000 times already. I wish there was some global FAQ, but I was not successful in finding one.
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    Yes, updating custom firmware is pretty easy to do. There is also another option, HEN firmware. It's a temporary firmware that reverts back to official firmware on a power cycle. When a new version comes out, you just replace the older version.