buying RROD 360s and sending it to microsoft for repairs

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    there's a lot of defective 2006 CORE model xbox 360 that has RRODed long ago, and is being sold here as junk for the equivalent of around 10USD and less.

    i was thinking of buying one, then sending it to microsoft for repairs. i remembered that the maximum amount they charged for repair of the console alone is 115 USD.

    i imagine microsoft will just replace the whole motherboard & the melted GPU with a new one, so i was thinking.....isn't that kind of a good deal?

    think about it, after the repairs you're getting "kind of" a new and working xbox 360 motherboard in an old chasis, which i rekon is a much better purchase than getting a used xbox360 costing 70-80 dollars which may already not have much time left?

    what are you thoughts on this? do you think its a good deal?
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    You can get a Slim 360 for less then 100 quid.

    Don't waste your money.
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    Repair it yourself, if you buy bulk repair kits, its as low as $2 a repair, granted it will not fix all issues, but for simple rrod repairs it will do, disc drive fixes take as little as some rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab, to clean the laser, and remove any dust that might be jamming it. If you can get working systems for $15 after repairs its not a bad deal, at that price you can give them a way and not feel bad about it, just don't expect a lot of profit, they are a hard sell in 2019 when gamestop gives them away practically free during the holidays. If you're really looking to boost your sales with any kind of profit, jtagging them would probably be your best route.
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    Earth, bro-dude.
    Definitely agree with fixing it yourself.

    How many other units can you buy and fix with $115.00?
    Then, if you sell those fixed units for $40-$50 (more if the system is easily hackable)......literal profit.
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