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    i want to buy a rare model kit that's already been pre-built & painted, it costs $60 U.S dollars but with shipping and handling i'd probably end up paying around $100 dollars for it.

    i talked with my friend about this, but he thinks i'm wasting my money, and instead suggested that i buy the model kit alone and built/paint it myself. this is impossible for me, as the kit is too complex and i'm too unskilled, infact i don't even know how to glue the parts together. plus i never learnt how to paint model kits when i was a child, back then i'd just use the default stickers, and even then i'd still screw that up occasionally.

    so do you think that paying $100 us dollars is too much for a rare pre-built/painted model kit?

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    You have the oddest threads.

    Anyway "i never learnt how to paint model kits when i was a child"... why not learn now? Same goes for glue -- most glues are single part air curing things anyway, might be a bit cruel to start with UV curing or two part epoxy but even then it is not so bad.

    I always thought the fun of model kits was the putting it together. If you want the end result though, more than you want $100, then I guess it would be worth it for you.
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    Is that the Xenoblade X skell by chance? Japanese street price ~ 60 bux, Italian street price ~ 110 € (which after shipping, tax, and seller's profit is actually not that unreasonable)

    I also did not paint mine because I'm a poor artist and not really interested in the effort (and don't have one in-game to set up with my favorite colors as reference :D)
    For most kits you don't need to glue them together either... just plastic shears and a small-bladed cutter (and an OCR + translator combo on your phone) will get the basics down

    Ultimately, your product - your fun - your money, though!